We get it. You're trying to build your nonprofit or business on a small budget. There's so much that needs to be done — and limited resources to do it. You need a professional identity/brand, and you certainly need a memorable, user-friendly website. Oh, let's not forget that you'd also like some buzzworthy social media presence and big attendance numbers at events. Add these tasks on top of all the other responsibilities nipping at your entrepreneurial, do-gooder heels. Time is your enemy — well, time, and money.


Instead of spending your valuable — and limited — time (and dollars) wading ad nauseum through multitudes of online data for the best DIY tools to design a logo, build a website, and set up your social media, there is a simpler solution.


Enter Creatives for Good — your go-to partner for simple, cost-effective creative solutions to your website, branding, and online needs. We believe that building your organization's identity and online presence shouldn't be rocket science. At least we certainly hope not, because rocket scientists we aren't. What we are is a no-nonsense, nuts and bolts, cut-through-the-b.s. creative partner for small and startup organizations. Like yours, perhaps?


Build a powerful brand.

Create a beautiful website.

Host a stellar event.

(And live to talk about it.)

Build your brand.

A memorable, professional, and appropriate logo/identity makes an important statement about your organization. Creatives for Good provides branding and logo design services at reasonable pricing. Learn more.

Launch your site.

Your website should tell your story, engage your audience, and move them to action. It should be reliable and user friendly. And you should be able to be manage and maintain it without having to call in a tech team for every simple change. Learn more.

Create some buzz.

Building and managing your social media and email presence can be daunting. Discover simple tools and resources that can help you slog your way through the hashtag jungle. Learn more.

Host an extraordinary event.

Pulling off a successful fundraising or business event takes a lot of planning and good old-fashioned hard work. Attention-getting print and online event materials  can help that work pay off. Learn more.


Make a difference.

My name is Nancy Niequist Schoon. I founded Creatives for Good because I believe that — even if you're a small fish in the big nonprofit pond — you have a great story to tell, a worthwhile cause, and you deserve a professional creative partner to help you do just that. Here's my story.

(Not a nonprofit? That's OK. Creatives for Good works with small businesses and startups, too.)