Most people understand what a logo is. The Nike swoosh, the Apple, well, apple. You get the idea. But the terms "brand", "identity", and "logo" are often (mis-)used interchangeably. And all three are very important components of a successful marketing strategy, no matter the size or scale of your organization. 

Logos, Identity
and Branding

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Logo, Identity, Branding. But not necessarily in that order....

Here's a simple explanation of the difference between the three terms:

  • A brand is a concept — it's what people think and feel when they think about your organization.
  • An identity is the "package" of materials your donors or customers interact with: your logo, business cards, letterhead, social media avatars, ads, packaging, signage, etc. 
  • A logo is the simplest identifier for your organization — usually a mark or icon and/or a specific type treatment for your name.


Your brand, identity, and logo should be at the forefront of everything you do, and they should be developed in a logical sequence. CFG can help you with any and all aspects of this development. We can also offer suggestions on how you can craft your own "brand promise" to keep your costs in line while helping to ensure that your identity and logo are still on target and effective. Download our logo/brand identity planning worksheet now.

Creative services.

Simple solutions.

(Designed with small
nonprofits and businesses
in mind)

Creative services,

simple solutions.

(Designed with small nonprofits and businesses in mind)