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Online spelling and grammar checker

Absolutely nothing will turn people away faster than spelling and grammar errors. Whether it's a simple email, a blog post, a tweet, or a Facebook post, check your grammar and spelling. Here's a good link:

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Photos with your phone?

We all do it, so we may as well do it in the best possible way. And who better to give us tips than National Geographic? Here are some tips from the experts for better iPhone photos

For a quick Facebook or Instagram post, your phone may be just fine, but a professional photographer can bring your story to life. We work with many wonderful creative photo and video partners.
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SEO: You wanna know (don't you??)

Do you find yourself cringing at the thought of SEO? Or worse, are you not even entirely sure what it is? SEO (search engine optimization) is the process that helps people — the right people — find and connect with your website. Check out these 10 basic SEO tips from Business Insider.  

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Creative services.

Simple solutions.

(Designed with small
nonprofits and businesses
in mind)

Creative services,

simple solutions.

(Designed with small nonprofits and businesses in mind)