Create a Beautiful Website

Creatives for Good (CFG) will work as your creative partner to build a relevant and user-friendly website, personalized with your images, logo and branding, that tells your story beautifully. (After all, it's the story that makes all the difference!). By utilizing code-free design platforms and some basic design templates as starting points, CFG keeps your costs lower. Could you just build your own site with a DIY tool? Yes, but simply having access to a DIY web-building platform does not necessarily guarantee a great  — or even a mediocre — website.  However, partner with CFG, and you will be working with an experienced graphic designer to plan, customize, and develop your site. Your final product will move well beyond a basic DIY template to a professional finished product. And you will still be able to take advantage of all the simple content management tools and SEO options that these platforms offer. Ready to take a closer look? Download our website planning worksheet.

Website Design, Hosting, and SEO

Your website can be your most powerful and vital communication tool. It's where your story unfolds, your services come to life, and where your donors and customers connect. Unfortunately, developing and maintaining a website is a costly, time-consuming, and daunting task. It is especially difficult for small organizations with limited staff, expertise, and funds.

Services that fit your needs — and your budget

CFG web services:

  • Design, planning, and site structure
  • Template-based starting point for your site (custom designs are also available)
  • Copy development and editing

  • Site photography and image procurement

  • Web hosting packages

  • Desktop and mobile versions of your site
  • Site analytics
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Hassle-free content management

Samples of our work


Pricing for website and hosting can vary, depending on the amount of site customization needed. However, we realize that it is helpful for you to have a sense of what costs you might incur. To provide a general idea of cost, site onboarding (i.e., site planning, design, and development) ranges from $850 — $5,000, depending on many variables such as number of pages, customization, SEO, design adapted for mobile devices, copywriting needs, photography requirements, etc. Download our website planning worksheet so that we can provide an accurate quote.

Creative services.

Simple solutions.

(Designed with small
nonprofits and businesses
in mind)

Creative services,

simple solutions.

(Designed with small nonprofits and businesses in mind)